Why Buy A Custom Suit?

Most men today elect to go to department/big box stores when they go shopping for suits. And it makes sense; why would you pay extra for a custom made suit when you can go to a Bank’s store and get the buy one suit, get three free deal?

But there are several reasons why men should choose to purchase custom made suits from Absolutely Fitting over off the rack suits, and the first is durability. Buying off the rack suits might seem like a cost-efficient option, but those suits usually only tend to last around two to three years. Custom made suits are made to last 10, even 15 years sometimes. Off the rack suits are made by machines on assembly lines while custom suits are made by hand by real people.

Another reason why men should choose custom is superior fit. Men don’t realize how much better a custom suit fits, looks, and feels than an off the rack suit does. Regular suits come in standard sizes (never odd sizes) and can never fit a man just right. A custom suit feels like a second layer of skin, it is literally custom made to fit a man perfectly!

Lastly, not only is a custom made suit designed to fit an individual perfectly, but it can also be customized in just about any way possible. When you sit down with a custom clothier to have a suit made, he will typically offer hundreds of fabrics and shades of color for clients to choose from. You can even have your name monogramed on the inside of your jacket! Men should always choose quality over quantity. You can either go to department stores and buy cheap suits that last for a couple years or you can purchase quality suits that are made to fit you perfectly and last a long time.

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